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A Cherry Crop


Honduras is more than a destination. It has some of the best beaches in the world, the most mysterious archeological sites that date to Mayan civilization, and yes, some of the most coveted soil and climate on this planet. For this reason, Honduras is home to some of the best coffee in the world.

And the world is taking notice! 

As the world’s 6th largest producer of Arabica coffee, Honduras is supplying the globe with 700 million pounds of coffee every year! Honduras is poised to become a specialty coffee powerhouse. From the regions of Comayagua, Bulwark Coffee Company sources a special coffee bean, grown in ideal climatic conditions where output shows the potential to produce large volumes of high-quality specialty coffee. 

Our Black Label Reserve coffee we named, “Resolve,” is just that—premium.

Many of our beans originate from micro-lots or community farms. Bulwark Coffee Company sources this particular delicacy from one such lot in the Comayagua province of Honduras. This micro-lot produces coffee with nice acidity and a smooth body, herb-like aromas, and flavor notes of milk chocolate, red apple, dried fruit (golden raisin), and marzipan. 

The tasting notes of Resolve set it apart from other coffee beans.

In addition to the florals (honeysuckle) on the nose, this bean produces a syrupy-smooth mouthfeel and a sweetly nut-toned finish (macadamia). There’s a throughline of crisp chocolate on the palate, with hints of molasses underneath. The result? A balanced, richly sweet cup. 

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