Read untold stories of humility, heroism, and sacrifice. Here, we honor those who serve.

Strong and brave Firefighter Going Up The Stairs in Burning Building. Stairs Burn With Open Flames.
Female EMS Professional Paramedic Comforting Injured Patient on the Way to Hospital. Emergency Medical Care Assistant Puts Her Hand on Vinctim's Shoulder in a Friendly Way in an Ambulance.

What is a bulwark?

A “bulwark” is a person, institution, or principle that acts as a defense, giving strong support or encouragement in time of need, danger, or doubt. It takes courage to be a bulwark. Not only does it take physical courage–bravery in the face of hardship–but also, it takes moral courage–the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, discouragement, or personal loss.

we need bulwarks

A church can be a bulwark. A community can be a bulwark. You and I can be bulwarks, and there is no question, that our military, first responders, and veterans are classic bulwarks. They are our first line of defense, and strong supporters in times of need, danger, and doubt. Whether defending their community or fighting for the freedom of their country, bulwarks are the sheepdogs that keep the wolves at bay.

Police Officer

we have their six

As we have seen in recent days, our first responders and military personnel are our first line of defense. Wars, disasters, and emergencies are becoming more frequent. Our vision is to support every facet of the lives of our first responders, military, and their families through sustainable community involvement, because we need them, and because they deserve it from us. 

Coming Soon! What you will find below is a series of personal stories from all walks of life. They will describe their experiences, their struggles, and the most rewarding moments. They will share what it means to serve and why they find it important. You won’t want to miss it! Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay plugged in. 



Read Thier Stories

Kevin S.

Wildland Fire Fighter

Kevin works hard protecting forest land and homes from forest fires.

Naomi M.

Police Officer

Naomi serves and protects the people in her community by serving as part of the police department.

John S.


John conducts special operations missions from fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, ships, and submarines.


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