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Don’t look up

They expect you to lose attention, to look away… if you do, they win



Over the past few days, as Russian forces withdrew from the Kyiv area to reconstitute and resupply following their disastrous offensive, a horrific scene unfolded. You’ve seen the pictures and the atrocities. The bodies; tortured, raped, killed execution-style, left on the ground.

Don’t look up.

One of our teams recently evacuated a 24-year-old woman who had been raped repeatedly over a four-day period. She is safe now because good people, veterans, operators, refused to look up and just hope it would go away.

Don’t look up.

Governments, NATO, large NGOs, have largely been neutralized due to threat of nuclear war, escalation, or policies. But you can’t nuke a movement; you can’t destroy the idealism and generosity of good people by bombing or threatening them.

Don’t look up.

If you have an inclination to help, do so. Be intentional with your giving. Get informed. Reach out and ask how to help. If you are able, volunteer directly. The only way this ends, the only way we survive with our honor intact, is if we are all in this together.

Don’t look up.

Reach out to me directly and let’s keep our eyes on what’s right together

To support, please consider a monthly $100 donation that will enable us to rescue even more victims from these heinous atrocities.

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