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Excellence in Resolve


Noah Webster, an American founding father, standardized American English and compiled the first English Dictionary in America. He defined “resolve” as “to fix in opinion or purpose; to determine in mind.” At Bulwark Coffee Company, we love this term. It takes resolve to fix a course, to commit to a decision, and to accept the risk of one’s deeply held principles. Resolve is what keeps Bulwark Coffee Company focused on its core values. In fact, we named one of our preferred products after this character trait.

Check out our Black Label Reserve coffee we named, “Resolve.”

As consumers, we are becoming more sophisticated as we learn about coffee origins, flavor notes, sustainability practices, and varieties in the marketplace. This is something that Bulwark Coffee Company encourages, which in turn holds the company to an ever-rising standard. Delivering the same high-quality coffee year after year is Bulwark Coffee Company’s commitment and contribution to the growing specialty market.

Resolve, our Honduran single-origin coffee, is a rising star in the specialty market.

Honduran coffee origins are distinctly special. Honduras has six regions with unique micro-climates and growing conditions that yield unique coffee characteristics. For example, Honduras’s Western regions (Copan, Intibucá, Ocotepeque) are well-balanced, usually have a good body and are really fruity and juicy coffees. In the middle of the country where Comayagua is located, specialty coffees usually come with a bit more acidity and have more citric and exciting floral notes.

Comayagua is the source of our Resolve beans are in high demand!

Its growing popularity in the market proves that Honduras not only has high-quality coffees and good volumes, but also potential for more! Long-term sustainability of high-quality production requires a concerted focus on trace-ability. Increasingly, Bulwark Coffee Company is strengthening its relationships with producers in Honduras and other countries with the intent of sourcing their coffee beans directly from farmers. We are continually impressed with the qualities we have been able to source from community lots, estate farms, and even single producers. One such lot produces Bulwark Coffee Company’s top shelf product, Resolve. These coffee beans have a nice acidity and a smooth body, herb-like aromas, and flavor notes of milk chocolate, red apple, dried fruit, and marzipan. 

It’s no wonder that Resolve is often preferred within our premium products. 

In addition to the florals (honeysuckle) on the nose, this bean produces a syrupy-smooth mouthfeel and a sweetly nut-toned finish (macadamia). There’s a throughline of crisp chocolate on the palate, with hints of molasses underneath. The result? A balanced, richly sweet cup. 

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