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Hi, my name is Rich Turner, founder of Bulwark Coffee Company and president of Bulwark Foundation. My goals are to introduce you to some of the best coffees on the market and to invite you to join our mission of celebrating local heroes and supporting first responders, military, and their families. Bulwark Coffee Company is quite different than most coffee e-retailers. Sure, we love coffee, but more than that, we love serving people, especially those who serve others.

I had the honor of serving my country as a United States Marine, assuming a number of roles including helicopter attack pilot, forward air controller, and foreign military liaison. I was privileged to serve my country, alongside some of the most heroic individuals in my lifetime. These heroes impacted my life, not to mentioned saving it on occasion. 

When I left the Marine Corps and dove into a my next career in corporate America, but I felt an emptiness in it. I missed serving a greater purpose–a cause greater than my own career ambitions. Perhaps, that is why many of my fellow Marines found themselves serving as firefighters, police officers, or emergency medical personnel. My heart went out to them during the 2020 riots, when it seemed America had taken them for granted, boasting to defund the police as businesses were burnt to the ground.

Heroes go largely unseen today in our society. It isn’t until we need them that we look for them. So, naturally, there is a gap between the value that they bring to their community every day and the individual citizen’s awareness of that value. Bulwark Coffee is on a mission to bring them to the forefront, support their unmet needs, and recognize their unique commitment to serve their country and their community.

Bulwark is here to change that whether it’s a firefighter, a veteran, a police officer, or any first responder. Speaking from experience, we don’t need another government program. We need our community. We need you. 100% of the proceeds from your coffee subscriptions support these individuals’ unique needs and the needs of those they serve, ranging from tactical rescue operations in contested environments, aid delivery, mental health resources, equipment, equine therapy, scholarships, and the list goes on.

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