Serving Those Who Serve

Serving Those Who Serve

Serving Those Who Serve

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We serve those who risk their lives for others

Bulwark Foundation is actively supporting rescue operations behind enemy lines. While NGOs flee combat conditions, our teams are driving into them. Your donations are directly saving lives, rescuing prisoners and rape victims, and giving people hope amid the horrors of war. 


Over the past few days, as Russian forces withdrew from the Kyiv area to reconstitute and resupply following their disastrous offensive, a horrific scene unfolded. You’ve seen the pictures and the atrocities. The bodies; tortured, raped, killed execution-style, left on the ground.

One of our teams recently evacuated a 24-year-old woman who had been raped repeatedly over a four-day period. She is safe now because good people, veterans, operators, refused…

We are being horrified by the carnage seen in Ukraine. It is beyond heartbreaking to witness the hopelessness plaguing the women and children that are streaming out of their own country, seeking only survival. More than 4.1 million refugees have fled their country—hungry, sick, and cold having traveled dozens or hundreds of miles, many of them walking. It is surreal.

Their experience is unimaginable, yet some are still less fortunate. While millions of Ukrainians have escaped,

About a month ago, a small team of five veterans self-funded to get to Poland and understand the situation on the ground. Initially, they tried to join the Ukrainian Foreign Volunteer Legion, but as I wrote about in a previous post, volunteers are not given equipment and are routinely asked to sign indefinite contracts and have their passports taken until the war is over.

Another urgent need quickly arose, however, and our team pivoted ….

The public is still reeling from the head of the ICRC’s shady meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov who asked the Red Cross to open an office in Russia’s Rostov-on-Don. 

When charities are corrupted, where do you turn to donate? The Red Cross, in particular, is causing untold harm by colluding with Russia while politically legitimizing their massacre in Ukraine.

Here’s what we know…

In the face of this spectacular failure of official government intervention to support our Ukrainian friends and allies, large NGOs and organizations have also failed to bridge the gap, leaving thousands to fall between the cracks.

This is where Bulwark Coffee Company is stepping in with support from our special operations veterans. They have had the skills and expertise to understand the threat and how to help innocent civilians survive this crisis. 

Volunteers sorting blankets

It is possible for an adult to live 2-6 weeks without food, but without water, an adult can only live a few days at best. A child, on the other hand, can die within hours. 

Ukrainian elderly folk, women, and children are currently trapped in cities like Mariupol—more than 100,000 of them in this city, alone. facing starvation, thirst and relentless Russian bombardment, sniping, and booby traps. Safe passage has been extended twice before Russians used the exposed civilians as target practice. 


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is not a conflict or a crisis, it is a war of an intensity not seen this century. The normal methods of crisis response are insufficient. Bulwark Coffee Company works with an amazing network of military veterans who are making deep personal sacrifices to make real impacts for the Ukrainian people.

NGOs would normally fill in the gap. However, they are having a hard time bringing their vast resources to bear due to the danger of the conflict.


$ 1.25 Million


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