Bulwark Coffee Company is a premium coffee company that wholeheartedly supports first responders and veterans. In fact, it is the first-ever coffee company to donate 100% of its profits to support first responders and veterans!

There are three main objectives that Bulwark Foundation seeks to accomplish:

1. The first is to reward the service of fire fighters willing to risk their lives for the safety of their communities. More than 70% of our nation’s firefighters are volunteers and more than 70% of fire departments are volunteer (donor-funded), which means they spend substantial energy seeking funding to maintain their ever-aging equipment.

2. The second is to demonstrate unwavering support for law enforcement professionals who have been the subject of relentless scrutiny despite their willingness to serve their communities at great personal risk. These challenges are ever present on the minds of both firefighters and police officers who overwhelmingly support the Bulwark Coffee Company.

3. To support the brave men and women of the American military who once served or continue to serve their country and have dutifully sworn to protect and defend Constitution of the United States. They are a rare breed and they should be celebrated.


BCC is taking a leading role in showing its support to first responders by donating 100% of its profits to support these brave men and women. By retailing the second-most traded commodity (first being petroleum) and the second-most consumed beverage (first being water) in the world, BCC intends to reintroduce communities to the selfless service of the heroes that walk among them. With every purchase of our coffee products, community members will be able to directly contribute to the heroes of their local community.

Coffee is just the medium and is only the beginning of a growing range of products. Our vision is to eventually support every facet of the lives of our heroes through sustainable community involvement, because wars, disasters, and emergencies are only becoming more frequent. Besides, it is the least we can do to support these men and women in uniform. They have been serving us for over 250 years. It is time we serve them!

There are three ways in which you can join us in serving them:
1. Give – discover the needs our veterans are actively addressing in Ukraine
2. Subscribe – support our heroes by subscribing to our premium products
3. Share – invite others to give, subscribe, and join our mission



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