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Bulwark Coffee Company
March 21, 2022 , 10:00 ET


Superior, Colorado, March 21, 2022 /BCCNewsroom/ — Bulwark Coffee Company (BCC) founder, Rich Turner, announces it is competing in the University of Colorado, Boulder’s 15th annual New Venture Competition (NVC).

With a model unlike any other, Bulwark Coffee Company is throwing its name in the hat. This eCommerce, direct-to-consumer (DTC) coffee retailer is pledging 100% of its profits to address the unmet needs of first responders, military veterans, and their families. While this model is intriguing, skeptics say it is unsustainable.

NVC connects the CU Boulder campus with the Boulder community to develop and fund innovative ideas. Participants attend year-round events, network, collaborate with mentors to refine their ideas, and form startup teams to pitch for up to $100K of funding at the NVC Championships!

Since its inception in 2009, the New Venture Challenge (NVC) program and competition—run out of Innovation and Entrepreneurship—has been known as CU Boulder’s entrepreneurial “flight simulator.” NVC gives aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to build a startup through entrepreneurial events and programming, community support, mentorship and ultimately, funding.

“Bulwark Coffee Company is uniquely positioned to win the New Venture Competition for three distinct reasons,” said Turner in a recent interview, “First, Bulwark Coffee Company’s impact already extends beyond the state of Colorado and the United States, even. We are already supporting Aid & Rescue operations, behind enemy lines, in Ukraine. It is consistent with our values and congruent with our corporate mission of serving those who serve. Second, our operational and logistical systems are already well underway. We are already fulfilling coffee orders for a rapidly growing number of early subscribers. This has allowed us to iterate, test, and refine our systems, signals, metrics, and processes, all of which are automated. And last but not least, our product portfolio really does include the best coffee in the state of Colorado.”

The NVC will be a great opportunity for the company to refine its messaging, identify possible weaknesses, and strengthen its overall model prior to its official launch. Bulwark Coffee Company remains on schedule to launch on Memorial Day, May 30, 2022.


Who is Bulwark Coffee you ask?

Bulwark Coffee is the first-ever coffee enterprise on a mission to celebrate local heroes and support the unmet needs of police, veterans, firefighters, and their families. Every single bag that Bulwark sells supports these heroes.

Bulwark Coffee is composed of two distinct organizations. Bulwark Coffee Company on the for-profit side and Bulwark Foundation on the non-profit side. The foundation funds four charitable initiatives: law enforcement, fire and ems, military, and disaster relief, all at a local level. Their charities fund mental health resources, equipment, equine therapy, scholarships, and more. The Foundation also provides tactical rescue operations and aid delivery in contested environments such as Ukraine.


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