Bulwark Coffee Company is the first-ever coffee company to offer delicious craft coffee subscriptions while donating 100% of its profits to charities that address the unmet needs of first responders, military, and their families. Sourced and roasted with exceptional care and passion, our mission is simple—to serve those who serve.


We encourage the growing sophistication in the coffee industry, which in turn holds the us to an ever-rising standard. These premium single-origin coffee beans set a whole new standard for java and are worth every penny.

Single Origin

Due to their authenticity, single-origin coffees have grown in popularity with their distinguishable taste that are specific to certain areas. Their quality is unmatched. Single-origins introduce a whole new coffee experience.

Signature Blends

Each Signature Blend pairs unique & complementary coffees to evoke deep & complex flavor profiles. Experience these novel, aromatic coffee blends for yourself.

Caffeine-Free Blend

We have selected each component for its best characteristics to create blends with unparalleled complexity and nuance. While these happen to be non-caffeinated, they are still some of our most popular blends.

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