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This Is How You Can Help

How resources are restricting rescue operations and dictate survivability



We are being horrified by the carnage seen in Ukraine. It is beyond heartbreaking to witness the hopelessness plaguing the women and children that are streaming out of their own country, seeking only survival. More than 4.1 million refugees have fled their country—hungry, sick, and cold having traveled dozens or hundreds of miles, many of them walking. It is surreal.

Their experience is unimaginable, yet some are still less fortunate. While millions of Ukrainians have escaped, estimates of more than 12 million women and children are currently stranded inside Ukraine, unable to leave. They are facing the horrific reality of slavery, rape, torture, and other forms of abuse that are being carried out under Russian captivity.

This was the case for a young 24-year-old Jewish girl. Acting on a verifiable tip from other locals, our teams were able to execute an incredibly dangerous tactical rescue operation, freeing her from her captors, and getting her follow-on care. We found out later, she was an American citizen.

Bulwark Foundation has a broad network of partners in Eastern Europe. We are supporting tactical aid delivery and rescue operations around the clock, many of which are behind enemy lines. Our teams are volunteers, retired military special operators, intelligence experts, and they are unfunded. Their greatest limitation is their lack of resources to buy fuel, non-lethal aid, and bare essentials to execute their missions. Would you partner with us?

Bulwark Foundation is supporting our heroic veterans with 100% of your donations. Their safety and survivability largely depend on your donations, as do the victims that they rescue. Don’t have tactical military experience? You can still play a direct role in rescuing the innocent.



If you are interested in supporting our rescue operations, please consider giving to Bulwark Foundation which sponsors teams of specialists that penetrate the battlefield rendering aid and delivering supplies where NGOs refuse to go, due to the intensity of the war. We support a range of need, but focus on the most time-sensitive and dire rescue operations by supporting those uniquely suited for tactical insertions and exfiltration operations. We need your help. Help us reach our $5M goal in the next 30 days, and deliver hope to an otherwise hopeless victim.

Thank you for considering a monthly donation of $100 or more. American veterans are risking their lives and volunteering by the thousands. They need your support.