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Trapped and Begging for Aid



It is possible for an adult to live 2-6 weeks without food, but without water, an adult can only live a few days at best. A child, on the other hand, can die within hours.

Ukrainian elderly folk, women, and children are currently trapped in cities like Mariupol—more than 100,000 of them in this city, alone—facing starvation, thirst and relentless Russian bombardment, snipers, and booby traps. On two separate occasions, the Russians agreed to respecting a safe passage corridor for escaping civilians before using the exposed civilians as target practice.

This is nothing new for Ukraine or for the Russian invaders. In 2013-2014, when Ukrainians were double-crossed by their Russian-planted president, thousands of Ukrainians protested. Viktor Yanukovych, promised to sign the EU agreement making Ukraine an official member of the European Union. Meanwhile, he secretly colluded with Vladimir Putin to sabotage the deal and become a puppet state of the Kremlin. The Russian-controlled special police, Berkut, replaced their wooden batons with iron batons, and beat the protesters—women, children, and elderly alike. When the unarmed Ukrainians reacted by multiplying the number of protestors, snipers posted on the high ground and targeted dozens of the unarmed protesters, killing more than fifty in a single day.

Ukrainians are again facing overwhelming odds, only this time with President Zelenskyy who is rallying his people, young and old, to fight for freedom and independence. He pleads the world for aid, and while many NGOs are benefiting from the spike in donations, few are equipped to address needs in contested environments. They are lacking tactical personnel, war-time experience, and equipment capable of penetrating hostile environments.

This is where Bulwark Foundation comes in. We support dedicated personnel, uniquely suited for tactical insertions and rescue operations. These are necessary skills for rendering aid and delivering supplies to areas that are out of reach for traditional relief organizations. We need your help. Join our effort in delivering hope to an otherwise hopeless conflict.

Thank you for considering a monthly donation of $100 or more. American veterans are risking their lives and volunteering by the thousands. They need your support.