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Called to Service


We often hear people say, “Find your calling,” or “Identify that which fulfills you.” While it may seem cliché to many, it doesn’t seem that way to us. We love being the best! And yes, it is fulfilling. We aren’t just tooting our own horn. Let us explain the reason we are the best at what we do.

Bulwark Coffee Company offers a premium variety of craft coffees that are only roasted after you place your order. This guarantees you a freshly roasted product that is made specifically for you. You will not find our coffee sitting on a grocery shelf, made 4-10 months ago, or roasted in mass quantities. Each of our craft products are small-batch roasted and carefully prepared for you.

We do love coffee and that’s part of why we exist, but the other part is what truly drives us to excellence. You see, Bulwark Coffee Company reinvests 100% of its profits back into communities like yours. That’s right! There is no other coffee company—or any other company for that matter—that can match our commitment. We truly are a mission-oriented company, and we prove it with every dollar of our profits. When you purchase or subscribe to our coffee, you have the opportunity to choose where our profits go…because they do go to charity…all of them do.

See for yourself: Subscribe today and choose your charity recipient!

How is this possible…and why? The founder, Rich Turner, spent more than a decade serving in the United States Marine Corps. Like Rich, many of the Marines with whom he served retired, but they didn’t stop serving. It’s in their blood. It’s who they are. Many now serve as police officers, detectives, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, or smoke jumpers. Bottom line: They have to be FIRST on the scene, and we want them there! For this reason, Bulwark Coffee Company is committed to reinvesting its profits into communities in need, strengthening them, and supporting their heroes.

Did you know that three out of four firefighters in the United States are volunteers? They receive no pay in exchange for their personal risks. What’s more, 85% of fire departments are volunteer, meaning they are strictly donor funded and continuously battle aging equipment, suboptimal readiness, and ever-reducing financial support. As a result, volunteer departments spend a great deal of energy raising funds to help mitigate aging equipment that affects the quality of their service, not to mention their own safety. They need us!

Learn more about these brave men and women, read their stories.

We’ve all heard the cries to defund the police. While politicians are back-peddling on this narrative, more than 700,000 law enforcement professionals are being subjected to relentless scrutiny despite their willingness to serve their communities at great personal risk. In recent years, these brave men and women have been unjustly targeted, beaten, run-over, and murdered by the very people they serve to protect. It’s time we stand with them. Around here, we call it being a “bulwark.” 

A bulwark is defined as “any person giving strong support or encouragement in time of need, danger, or doubt.” That could be you as well! Our first responders and military veterans are bulwarks. You’ll find them volunteering in their church, at the school, or in other areas of their community. They often leave military service to serve in their local government. Service is more than what they do, it is who they are. They are the best part of America. Sure, they can be rough around the edges, but you can’t grip an axe or a gun with lotion-y hands. Have you tried?

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