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On this Armed Forces Appreciation Day, I salute those who stand ready to defend our great Nation, our freedoms, and our unique way of life.
I also thought I might try my hand at describing the nature of those who all….

We are happy to share a new venture and the upcoming launch of Bulwark Coffee Company! 
Like many veterans, we leave service only to find ourselves trying to find more ways in which we can serve others.

We often hear people say, “Find your calling,” or “Identify that which fulfills you.” While it may seem cliché to many, it doesn’t seem that way to us. We love being the best! And yes, it is fulfilling. We aren’t just tooting our own

Noah Webster, an American founding father, standardized American English and compiled the first English Dictionary in America. He DEFINED “resolve” as “to fix in opinion or purpose; to determine in mind.”

Honduras is more than a destination. It has some of the best beaches in the world, the most mysterious archeological sites that date to Mayan civilization, and yes, some of the most coveted soil and climate on this planet.


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