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PR – BCC Early Launch

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Bulwark Coffee Company
April 4, 2022 , 10:00 ET



Superior, Colorado — Bulwark Coffee Company (BCC) founder, Rich Turner, announces an early launch for his new venture in hopes of accelerating aid to the trapped Ukrainian victims. Bulwark Coffee Company was scheduled to launch on Memorial Day, May 30, 2022, but its founder is launching early in response to the crisis in Ukraine. Bulwark Foundation is raising $5 million in funds to support aid deliveries behind enemy lines in contested environments.

“We’ve decided to launch early,” said the president of Bulwark Foundation, Rich Turner. “People need us, and we’re going to respond. We will launch as soon as early as next week, and with the help of our community, we’ll have aid in Ukrainian hands in the next 30 days.”

Food and water have been cut off for weeks leaving the desperate to drink from ditches and gutters. Putin has eliminated electricity to millions of civilians accelerating the death count due to hypothermia, in addition to dehydration and starvation. Elderly people, women, and children are trapped behind enemy lines with no safe haven.

“Ukrainians need our support now, Turner remarked.  “They need supplies. Our network of veterans is doing this on their own accord because Americans lead with compassion and empathy instead of depending on political interests to do the right thing.”

You can give directly online at the following GIVE page.

Bulwark Coffee Company and its charitable arm, Bulwark Foundation, were founded with the sole purpose of serving those who serve. U.S. veterans of the special operations communities have volunteered in the thousands and are rushing toward the chaos, but they need support and resources to continue their vital work.

About BCC

Bulwark Coffee is the first-ever coffee enterprise on a mission to celebrate local heroes and support the unmet needs of police, veterans, firefighters, and their families. Every single bag that Bulwark sells supports these heroes.

Bulwark Coffee is composed of two distinct organizations: Bulwark Coffee Company and Bulwark Foundation. The nonprofit foundation funds four charitable initiatives: law enforcement, fire and ems, military, and disaster relief, all at a local level. Their charities fund mental health resources, equipment, equine therapy, scholarships, and more. The Foundation also provides tactical rescue operations and aid delivery in contested environments such as Ukraine.

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