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This Charity TurnED Corrupt?



When charities are corrupted, where do you turn to donate? If you are donating to organizations without doing appropriate diligence you may be doing more harm than good. The Red Cross, in particular, is causing untold harm by colluding with Russia while politically legitimizing their massacre in Ukraine.

For this reason, we encourage the international community to avoid donating to the Red Cross and instead support Ukrainian grassroots organizations that have proved to provide help more effectively to Ukrainians in these hard times. 

If you are interested in supporting victims behind enemy lines, consider giving to Bulwark Foundation which sponsors teams of specialists that penetrate the battlefield rendering aid and delivering supplies where NGOs cannot reach.

Bulwark Foundation supports dedicated personnel, uniquely suited for tactical insertions and exfil operations, which are necessary to rendering aid and delivering supplies in areas that are cut off to traditional relief organizations. We need your help. Join our effort in delivering hope to an otherwise hopeless conflict. 

Thank you for considering a monthly donation of $100 or more. American veterans are risking their lives and volunteering by the thousands. They need your support.